The KettlePizza: The Next Step in Gourmet Barbecue

Weber Kettle Pizza

The KettlePizza: The Next Step in Gourmet Barbecue

Winter is all but over now and it's time to start thinking about outdoor spring and summer fun. Time spent outdoors, from sports to entertaining our lounging in the pool, inevitably leads to outdoor cooking. One of America's favorite pastimes is barbecuing, but you can only grill so many hamburgers and hot dogs before it gets old (and unhealthy). A new product to be excited about - perfect for outdoor cooking - is the KettlePizza for making delicious, pizza-oven quality pizzas on your Weber or kettle grill.

The KettlePizza is sleeve that allows you to make thin, crunchy, perfectly cooked pizza crusts and toppings on your outdoor barbecue. It uses a stainless steel riser sleeve, created in a high quality laser guided machine for superior quality and durability. The KettlePizza includes a high temperature thermometer, wooden handles, and a full sized fourteen inches of stainless steel pan space. It's incredibly easy to assemble and available online at trusted retailers like Amazon for less than two-hundred dollars.

The KettlePizza specializes in high temperature cooking and pizzas, but is good for cooking a number of different foods you wouldn't conventionally expect from a simple egg-shaped grill. The mixture of charcoal, hardwood, and the KettlePizza makes for some amazing flavor. Order one, get your ingredients ready, and dazzle your guests with gourmet pizza and outdoor food from your barbecue.

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