Italiforni Persaro Introduces "The Bull"

Italiforni Persaro Bull

Italiforni Persaro Introduces "The Bull"



Almost every shop owner has heard of Italiforni; if you haven't you should check them out. They are an Italian based company that is known for breaking the mold when it comes to oven design. Of their many pizza oven models, the towering 'Bull' oven comes with a front facing hood that mimics a charging bull's head-forward stance giving this oven a masculine clean-cut design that not only makes amazing pizza but is a piece of art in itself. The oven is constructed out of high resistant steel that is coated with high temp-resistant tempered and stained glass.

The new control board consists of a series of digital controllers designed to manage both the oven and the proofer through function icons and touch-sensitive buttons. The extraction motorized hood, can be matched with a steam-damper kit complete with activated carbon filter for vapors and odors, making the connection to the flue unnecessary.

The Bull not only offers a sleek look but it is also powerful and cost effective. The double insulated oven gives an average of 30% energy savings and is available with 1,2 or 3 @ 120x100 cm chambers.

If you mess with the Bull you get the horn, with the exception of this powerful mess with this bull you get a powerful pizza.




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