What is Your New York Pizza Dough Missing? These Guys Know!

New York Pizza Water

What is Your New York Pizza Dough Missing? These Guys Know!

New York is famous for many things: Fashion Week, Broadway musicals, Time Square, and PIZZA!

If you have ever been to NYC you will know that there is something about the pizza that just can’t be recreated; even with a New York style pizza recipe there always seems to be something missing. Frank Swartz and Mark Raybin figured out what the missing secret ingredient was that made NY pizza so tasty… water. That's right, you can add the same ingredients and if the water is not right there just won’t be that same quality. They guys had been tracking stories about pizza shop owners in PA, VA, NJ, and other coastal shop owners who would visit NYC and bring home water to make pizza dough.

To back up a bit, the water in New York comes from an aquifer in the Catskills Mountain that supplies the city with the crisp New York water these shop owners have been using in their out of town shop for years. Frank and Mark had devised a business plan to give shop owners who wanted to have New York style pizza that missing key ingredient that anyone who has had authentic New York style pizza can taste.

This is how New York Pizza Water was born...a simple case of supply and demand.

Unfortunately, selling NY water is not as easy as renting a warehouse in Brooklyn and selling tap water to the public. If it was I am sure tons of other people would have started this idea a long time ago. It is highly illegal to sell public water. Frank and Mark had to go to the source. After a few legalities with the aquifer and some trademarks, New York Pizza Water is now supplying pizzerias with premium Catskills Mountain water.

As a genius marketing idea the boys are even offering 16.9 oz. bottles to sell to the customers; real New York Pizza and real New York water to wash down your favorite slice sounds like a bit of heaven to me!

Keep a look out for my video later this month where I will be making Frank and Mark’s favorite dough recipe using authentic New York Pizza Water!


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