Using Social Media to Improve Business

Social Media to Improve Sales

Using Social Media to Improve Business

Ten years ago if a customer got horrible service, food, or just an overall bad restaurant experience then they may have told a few friends over the phone or in person. That is just not the case with the advances in today's technology. With a smart phone and the right apps that one bad experience can be on the internet and viewed by thousands in a matter of seconds!

Starting a business is hard and starting a website is harder. You have to compete with higher spots on a search engine page. This can be done within your website by using search engine optimization (SEO). Once you have started your business you need to allow search engines like Google or Bing to pick you up to allow customers to find you. Once you have been found, the use of social media is needed to engage your customers.

Social media is a great way to interact with customers on a regular basis and keep your restaurant relative. You can push sales, engage in conversations with your customers, and also have customers talk about you. Going viral is a great way to be discovered in your local area.  

With so many companies out there building a strong cliental is hard, especially for new businesses. However, do not totally depend on social media to build your reputation as a place that people should come to dine; a great tasting menu, positive staff, and an awesome dining experience will give customers something to talk about. Trust me, customers will talk! 

With the use of social media and SEO you can reach a larger number of people while spending less money in advertising.  How do you utilize social media and SEO?



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