Uno's Introduces Family Size Take-Out Pizza

Uno's Introduces Family Size Take-Out Pizza

Uno's Introduces Family Size Take-Out Pizza



Uno's pizza is a pizza chain that sticks to tradition; for the past 70 years Uno's deep dish pizza has been a favorite for many pizza lovers. Uno’s pizza is about as American as you can get! With its mid-west roots, and humble rising to pizza glory this chain represents the American dream. For the past 8 years Uno’s has been giving back to Veterans through various partnerships, such as, Pizza for Patriots, Fisher House, VA Hospitals, SUS, and always offers discounts to military members.

CEO of Uno’s Frank Guidara, and Andrew Zimmerman, SUS board member and renowned celebrity chef, have teamed up to introduce their family size pizza’s that are available for takeout. Uno’s now offers a traditional tomato and cheese, a build your own pizza, and two specially crafted pizzas from the creative mind of Andrew Zimmerman himself.

"After meeting Frank Guidara, learning that he was a veteran and of UNO's dedication to the military, I wanted to find a way where I could leverage my love of pizza to benefit our mutually-valued charity - SUS," stated Andrew Zimmern. "I hope that by offering access to my unique recipes at UNO's, together we can raise enough money for SUS to continue to broaden their outreach and impact their capacity to meet the needs of those who serve."

Zimmerman, who was recently named to the board of directors for Services for the Underserved (SUS), is a non-profit organization that provides direct support to veterans.

Frank Guidara, who shares Zimmerman’s passion for pizza and serving our military stated, "UNO's is fortunate to have a partner in Andrew Zimmern who shares our passion for 'knock your socks off' flavor and for giving back to the community with Services for the UnderServed, we've made it our mission to support the men and women of the military and their families, both here and in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm a Vietnam veteran, and I remember what the support of others meant to me during those years. We care, and we do what we can to show it."

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