The Truth Behind Stromboli Vs. Calzone

The Truth Behind Stromboli Vs. Calzone

The Truth Behind Stromboli Vs. Calzone

Calzone and Stromboli are both dishes that are similar to pizza but have their own personalities and tastes.

Pizza is number one when it comes to Americans having food delivered; but there are other delicious items on the menu at your favorite pizzeria.


Calzones vs StromboliCalzone is made in a crescent shape and has the fillings stuffed between two layers of thin pizza crusts. The chef starts by making a standard round pizza crust and puts fillings such as chopped cooked meats like pepperoni or sausage, along with vegetables such as garlic, onions, spinach, tomatoes and others on one side of the crust. Then grated cheeses such as Parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella are added in generous portions. Cheese is one of the main ingredients of the calzone. When the calzone is cut in half the cheese should literally just gush out of the inside. The sauce is not generally added to the inside of the calzone, it is usually served on the side for dipping.

Once all of the fillings have been added to the one side of the dough, the other side is folded over and then the sides are crimped together to keep the fillings from oozing out. Calzones can be made to order with just about whatever fillings that sound good. They are generally a hearty dish that can be made in a single serving size or as large as you want. Vegetarian Calzones are a great option when stuffed with a tasty assortment of healthy, colorful vegetables and even some chopped tofu for extra body.

Stromboli, even though it is similar in looks to a calzone, is a different dish. Stromboli is made in a more rectangular shape and the dough is rolled tighter around the fillings instead of just folded over. Many of the same fillings are used in both of these dishes. Stromboli vs CalzoneA Stromboli is heavier on the meat than a calzone and lighter on the cheese. A calzone uses a generous amount of shredded cheeses, where Stromboli normally uses sliced cheese and leaves out the ricotta. Stromboli is generally made with the same blend of Italian deli meats and doesn't vary in its filling like a calzone. The sauce is usually included inside of the Stromboli but can sometimes be on the side.

Calzones and Stromboli’s are both baked and served piping hot. When you eat one, it is best to give them a chance to cool after being cut before you dig in, so you can enjoy your meal without a burned tongue



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The Healthy Italian is amazing (as I enjoy lefvtoers right now)! Suzanne, you have talent and have inspired me to make one of your pizzas every week! Thanks for having this blog and, even more, for allowing me to share a new pizza experience with you both!Hopefully I can be a test subject again soon

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