Peyton and Papa John's are a good team!

Peyton and Papa John's are a good team!

It seems to be paying off to get into business with Peyton Manning . He currently owns 21 Papa John's franchises that he bought last year and they are KILLING IT right now -- employees are calling it the "Peyton Factor."

After talking with all 21 Papa John's in the Denver area that Peyton owns, we found that the story is the same everywhere: business has greatly improved since the Broncos QB took ownership.

Before Peyton purchased the locations, many restaurants reported sales of $3,000-$4,000 on any given game day -- and that number has jumped up to roughly $5,000-$6,000/day ... which equals about 60 pizzas an hour.

One location reported a 25% increase in total sales since last year.

It helps that Peyton's doing so well on the field also -- his Papa John's locations offer 50% off on Mondays after a Broncos win, and so far they're undefeated. Fans recognize Peyton's stores because they all feature cutouts of PM and Papa John ... and he even makes personal visits from time to time.


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