Del Popolo - The King of Mobile Pizza!

Del Popolo - The King of Mobile Pizza!


They call him the Man-Feeding Mobile Pizzeria...he calls his creation Del Popolo. Pizzaioli Jon Darsky may be the king of mobile pizza carts! My hat goes off to this pioneer of pizza for taking pizza on the go to a whole new level. While on Pinterest an acquaintance of mine stumbled across this beautiful pizzeria and I had to share it with you.

Del Popolo is the biggest food truck in San Francisco; this one-of-a-kind mobile pizzeria was born of a twenty-foot overhauled shipping container, taking up nearly two city parking spaces! Jon spent a reported $180,000.00 on this monster contraption, that includes two prep tables and features a 5000-pound Italian-made Stefano Ferrara, full sized wood burning oven. The workhorse oven and the rest of the 'kitchen' can be seen through the glass-enclosed display doors. The oven of course has the same heating capabilities as any wood fired oven so it gets up to 800ºF for that awesome wood fired taste we all know and love. With this pizza truck Jon is able to make about one pizza every minute.

Darsky only recently cruised onto the scene earlier this year, but has already stirred up a lot of buzz in San Francisco and across the US! You can find out where Jon is setting up Del Popolo by following him on his Twitter account, however in only a few short months he has already established a short list of regular lunch and dinner gigs. He currently offers three styles of pies, all 12"; one pie with tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil & sea salt, for $11, another pie boasts fresh mozzarella, ricotta & grana padano cheeses, and basil & garlic, for $12, and a third pie has spicy salami, fresh mozzarella, braised kale and chilies, which costs $14.

Fresh ingredients, an authentic Italian wood-fired oven taste & texture and a gorgeous view of the working kitchen all make me wonder how long it would take for me to get to San Francisco...and when would I have to leave to make it in time for dinner?


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